A Guide to 20 Black Tomato Varieties (or Almost Black)[Photos]

The black tomato is one of the parts of the family tomato, as per the name the tomato is black. Solanum Lycopersicum is the black tomato’s scientific and botanical name.

In this guide, we’d focus our attention to 22 black tomato varieties (or nearly black) that you can pick from and grow for yourself.

1. Black Beauty Tomato

Beefsteak (thick-bodied) and black (deep-purple) fleshed varieties combine to produce Black Beauty tomatoes. One of the best-tasting tomatoes is thought to be this one. Rich, silky, and savory are its earthy undertones.

Black beauty tomato
Photo Source: rareseeds.com

The darkest color honors go to Black Beauty. The rich blue or purple color of these tomatoes makes them appear black under some lighting conditions. When the skin is cut open, this color contrasts intriguingly with the brilliant red flesh.

They are not only gorgeous in color, but also delicious. It efficiently clings to the vine and grows to a normal height of three to four feet. That’s why you should bury them in Black Beauty, where there is a taproot system.

2. Black Krim Tomato

Fruits from the Black Krim have dark green tips and a deep red-purple color. Around 80 days after planting, this Crimea heirloom’s indeterminate vines begin to bear enormous fruits.

Black Krim Tomatoes
Photo Source: @Thea_From_Juilliard

They create a superb tomato sauce in addition to adding color to salads. The multiple harvesting of this indeterminate cultivar is preferred. You can enjoy these for a long time since ripening begins in August and lasts for several weeks. You should set up some trellises or posts because the fruit is huge.

Black Krim, like Black Beauty, is fragile in the presence of frost. Planting zones 10 and 11 people can successfully cultivate them. It is thought to grow in a variety of climates. They have also been cultivated in zones 7 and 6.

You can find a full comprehensive story on Black Krim tomatoes here.

3. Cherokee Purple Tomato

One of the earliest dark-colored tomatoes for sale was Cherokee Purple. It is a well-known heirloom with unique flesh inside large fruits. You may enjoy their stunning colors all summer long if they receive adequate sun.

Cherokee Purple tomato
Photo Source: rareseeds.com

The bulbous fruit has a luscious texture, and smokey flavor, and is deep, nuanced, and sweet. My second favorite variety of black tomatoes is Cherokee purple. In the mouth, it simply melts.

The enormous, scaly fruits are large enough to fit in your hand. Very curiously the flesh is a striking marble rosy red on the inside and green on the outside. One of the reasons it has been stored for so long is the flavor, which is excellent.

4. Black Prince Tomato

Black Prince is another heirloom from the distant reaches of the globe developed for growing in frigid regions. Due to its dark chocolate brown color, this tomato cultivar is drawing attention.

black prince tomato
Photo Source: merakiseeds.com

Although tomatoes prefer warm weather, this dark type may bear fruit in conditions that are only moderately warm, making it ideal for colder areas of the nation. You get some lovely, juicy, rich flavors from it. One of the things that fascinate me about tomatoes is the fruit cluster formations.

Black Prince Tomato is nothing new in that sense. In August, lovely fruit clusters will be supplied. Because Black Prince Tomatoes produce several side shoots, it’s important to constantly trim them.

5. Carbon Tomato

The fruits’ dark color is complemented by a rich, deep flavor that makes them a great addition to any tomato-based cuisine and your garden. The plants produce abundantly all season long, assuring that your crop will be anything but meager.

Carbon Tomato
Photo Source: revivalseeds.ca

These taste fantastic and give your meal more color. After germination, the heirloom steaks fruit takes around 80 days to reach maturity. The size may range from 8 to 12 ounces with the right maintenance and care.

6. Amazon Chocolate Tomato

Chocolate Amazon tomatoes are, as their name implies, chocolate-colored tomatoes. When they reach maturity, their color changes from green to brown. At around 80 days, they reach maturity.

Amazon Chocolate
Photo Source: sustainableseedco.com

The huge fruits that are produced by this tomato plant that resembles a beefsteak have a purple-black tint on the outside. These fruits have a fantastic texture, are sweet and juicy, and are suitable for a variety of purposes.

Keep an eye out online for seeds from specialized growers as this type might be harder to locate than some others. The fruit’s juicy flavor is tomato perfection, and it may weigh up to one pound.

7. Chocolate Stripes Tomato

The Chocolate Stripes is unlike any fruit or vegetable you’ve ever seen, and it’s a visual and taste feast. It is a rich shade of deep crimson with bands of dark green. The fruit is large, and the trees are quite fruitful.

Chocolate Stripes Tomato
Photo Source: seedsofplenty.com.au

Fruit from certain species may weigh more than two and a half pounds. Chocolate Stripes is another tomato variety with green stripes that is similar in color to Black Zebra.

The fruits grow to a remarkable size, and their flavor is equally as strong as their appearance. In keeping with the season’s shifting hues, this plant continues to produce until the fall.

8. Paul Robeson Tomato

The Paul Robeson tomato matures 65 days after it is planted due to its shorter growing season. The basic color of the tomatoes is purple, and they have a dark olive color close to the skin.

Paul Robeson Tomato
Photo Source: skillcult.com

We’ve seen that the standard heirlooms are losing ground to the black tomatoes. Another variation that has grown in popularity recently is part of a vast array of newness.

These measure 3 to 4 inches in diameter and weigh 7 to 10 ounces, making them ideal for slicing. It develops quickly. (65 days after germination). One of the most popular black varieties, seed producers have had trouble keeping up with demand.

9. Indigo Rose Tomato

The antioxidant anthocyanin, which gives purple and blue-black fruits and vegetables their color, was developed at Oregon State University, making Indigo Rose the first genuinely purple tomato.

Indigo Rose Tomato
Photo Source: birdlandseeds.com

Additionally, because of this variety’s growth pattern, the globe fruits nearly resemble grapes more than tomatoes.

10. Japanese Black Trifele Tomato

Trifele Noire, another name for the Japanese Black Trifele Tomato, is a rare heritage tomato variety with a distinctive pear shape and a rich, deep color that varies from dark purple to nearly black. After being introduced to Japan, where it acquired popularity and received its adopted nation’s name, it was originally from Eastern Europe.

japanese black trifele tomato
Photo Source: tomatofest.com

The flavor of this tomato is highly regarded and frequently described as rich, smokey, with undertones of sweetness and acidity. Its low water content and solid, meaty texture make it perfect for slicing and adding to salads, sandwiches, or as a garnish. The Japanese Black Trifele Tomato’s solid flesh and concentrated flavor make it a great choice for roasting and canning.

11. Black Cherry Tomato

A well-liked heirloom type valued for its distinct color and flavor is the black cherry tomato. This tomato is cherry-sized and, as its name implies, is a deep, dark purple-black to deep mahogany. It was created in the 1990s by Florida horticultural Vince Sapp and has since acquired popularity among both gardeners and foodies.

black cherry tomato
Photo Source: tomatofest.com

The Black Cherry Tomato is frequently characterized as having a flavor that is sweet, rich, and nuanced with a tinge of smokiness. The fruit has a delicate exterior and delicious, meaty flesh that, when cut into, erupts with taste. It is ideal as a vibrant garnish for any recipe that calls for cherry tomatoes as well as for snacking and salads. It is an indeterminate plant.

12. Brad’s Black Heart Tomato

Brad’s Black Heart Tomato is a stunning heirloom variety that is known for its unique appearance and exceptional flavor. The fruit has a heart-shaped form with a deep crimson color that is almost black in some cases. It was developed by tomato enthusiast Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms and was first introduced in 2012.

Brad's Black Heart Tomato
Photo Source: tomatofest.com

The flavor of Brad’s Black Heart Tomato is often described as complex and sweet with a tangy finish. It has a meaty texture and a dense, juicy flesh that is perfect for slicing and adding to sandwiches or salads.

The plant is an indeterminate variety, which means it grows tall and produces fruit throughout the growing season. It requires full sun and well-draining soil to thrive and is typically harvested in mid to late summer. Brad’s Black Heart Tomato is a favorite among home gardeners and chefs alike for its striking appearance and exceptional taste.

13. Black Sea Man Tomato

The Black Sea Man Tomato is a unique heirloom variety that originated in the Ukraine. It is known for its striking appearance, with a deep, mahogany color that is almost black in some cases. The fruit is medium-sized and has a slightly flattened shape with a smooth, firm skin.

Black sea man tomato
Photo Source: seedneeds.com

In addition to its distinctive appearance, the Black Sea Man Tomato is also prized for its exceptional flavor. It has a rich, sweet taste with a slightly smoky finish that is often compared to that of a good wine. The flesh is dense and juicy, making it ideal for slicing and adding to salads or sandwiches.

The plant is an indeterminate variety, which means it grows tall and produces fruit throughout the growing season. It requires full sun and well-draining soil to thrive and is typically harvested in mid to late summer. The Black Sea Man Tomato is a favorite among home gardeners and chefs for its outstanding taste and unique color.

14. Black from Tula Tomato

The Black from Tula Tomato is a popular heirloom variety that originated in Russia. It is known for its rich, complex flavor and deep, almost black color. The fruit is medium-sized and has a slightly flattened shape with a smooth skin.

Black from Tula Tomato
Photo Source: rareseeds.com

The flavor of Black from Tula Tomato is often described as bold and earthy, with a hint of sweetness and acidity. The flesh is dense and juicy, making it perfect for slicing and adding to salads or sandwiches. The plant is an indeterminate variety, which means it grows tall and produces fruit throughout the growing season. It requires full sun and well-draining soil to thrive and is typically harvested in mid to late summer.

Black from Tula Tomato is a favorite among home gardeners and chefs alike for its exceptional taste and striking appearance. It is also known for its high levels of antioxidants and vitamins, making it a healthy addition to any diet. Whether eaten fresh or cooked, this tomato is sure to please with its unique flavor and rich color.

15. Black Plum Tomato

The Black Plum Tomato is a distinctive tomato variety that is known for its oblong shape and deep, rich color. It is a versatile tomato that can be used in a wide range of recipes, from sauces and soups to salads and sandwiches. The fruit has a dense, meaty texture and a sweet, slightly tart flavor that is ideal for roasting or grilling.

black plum tomato
Photo Source: swallowtailgardenseeds.com

One of the unique characteristics of the Black Plum Tomato is its resistance to cracking, which makes it a reliable choice for growers in areas with variable weather conditions. The plant is also highly productive, with each vine producing a large number of fruit throughout the growing season.

16. Black Opal Tomato

Black Opal tomatoes are a unique and visually stunning variety of tomato that are prized for their deep purple, almost black color. These tomatoes are medium to large in size and have a slightly flattened shape.

Black Opal Tomato
Photo Source: kingsseedsdirect.com

They are known for their rich, sweet flavor, which is often described as having a hint of smokiness. Many people enjoy using Black Opal tomatoes in a variety of dishes, including salads, sandwiches, and as a garnish for meat dishes.

In addition to their delicious flavor, Black Opal tomatoes are also packed with nutritional benefits. They are a good source of vitamins A and C, as well as potassium and antioxidants. They also contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that has been linked to a reduced risk and treatment of certain types of cancer.

17. Black Brandywine

Black Brandywine tomatoes are a popular heirloom variety of tomato that are known for their unique and delicious flavor. These tomatoes are large and have a deep purple, almost black color with a slightly irregular shape.

Black Brandywine tomato
Photo Source: southernexposure.com

They have a rich, complex flavor that is often described as sweet and slightly smoky, with a hint of tanginess. Many people enjoy using Black Brandywine tomatoes in a variety of dishes, including salads, sandwiches, and as a base for sauces.

18. Black Zebra

Black Zebra tomatoes are a unique and visually striking variety of tomato that have become increasingly popular in recent years.

black zebra tomato
Photo Source: specialtyproduce.com

These tomatoes have a striking appearance with their green and purple striped skin that matures to a deep purple-black color as they ripen. They have a juicy texture and a sweet and tangy flavor that is perfect for salads, sandwiches, and as a topping for pizzas.

19. Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate Cherry tomatoes are a delicious and unique variety of tomato that are highly regarded for their sweet and fruity flavor. These small, cherry-sized tomatoes have a deep red-brown color that resembles chocolate, hence the name.

chocolate cherry tomato
Photo Source: bcecoseedcoop.com

They have a rich and complex flavor that is sweet with a slightly acidic finish. Many people enjoy using Chocolate Cherry tomatoes in a variety of dishes, including salads, sauces, and roasted vegetable dishes.

20. Black Russian

Black Russian tomatoes are a unique and flavorful variety of tomato that are highly regarded for their smoky and sweet flavor. These tomatoes are medium to large in size and have a deep reddish-black color with a slightly irregular shape.

black russian tomato
Photo Source: myveganminimalist.com

They have a rich, complex flavor that is both sweet and savory with a smoky undertone. Many people enjoy using Black Russian tomatoes in a variety of dishes, including salads, sauces, and as a topping for pizzas.

Is Growing a Black Tomato Harder Than Growing a Hybrid?

Although the majority of black tomatoes are indeterminate, commercial growers rely on determinate tomato plants for enormous crops.

When plants are indeterminate, the fruit develops and ripens at various periods, allowing you to enjoy it all season long. The harvest of determinate tomatoes is finished when they are fully mature.

Because the plants are easier to manage, dwarf black variants are easier to grow than the bigger forms. A trellis is preferable to a metal cage for the proper development of prolific plants like the Chocolate Stripes or Cherokee Purple.

Since black tomatoes take longer to ripen, you have to battle pests like flies, birds, and animals all summer long, but the effort is worth it when you get to eat the delicious fruit.

Light Requirements for Black Tomatoes

Black tomatoes are all about uniqueness and color. Black tomatoes’ skin tones are influenced by sunlight. The bulk of the types cannot tolerate frost since they are not frost-hardy. 6 to 8 hours per day of direct sunshine are needed for a black tomato.

Water Requirements for Black Tomatoes

Tomato roots seek water because they are deep. One watering per day will suffice for a newly planted one. As the plant grows, watering frequency steadily rises.

Make careful to water the plants twice a day after they are in the ground. Until the water drains out of the drainage hole, water container plants.

Tomatoes need a minimum of 1.1-1.5 inches of water per square foot of soil, based on what we know. When plants don’t get enough water, they start to exhibit symptoms.

Wilting is a typical sign of both under and overwatering. Investigating the soil and leaves in these situations is wise. The leaves are dry and crisp if they are dehydrated. They also feel supple when overwatered.

Diseases of Black Tomates

Early Blight

The fungus Alternaria solani is the source of infection that causes this widespread fungal illness. Symptoms on the plant will resemble brown lesions with a yellow halo.

Even in frigid climes, the soilborne disease Alternaria may survive the winter in the soil. The use of copper fungicides, resistant cultivars, crop rotation, hygienic practices, staking, and mulching are therapeutic measures for this disease.

Bacterial spot

Warm temperatures are ideal for the bacterial illness known as bacterial spot (Xanthomonas spp.).

The pathogen is on the seed or might be carried by the wind. A brown, round lesion on the fruit is the fruit’s most obvious sign of the bacterial spot. On leaves, lesions have a shot-hole look.

Bacterial Wilt

Another harmful condition that affects black tomatoes is bacterial wilt. Even without vulnerable hosts, this bacterial illness can persist for a very long time in the soil. This disease is favored by warm soil temperatures and plenty of moisture.

Plants quickly wilt. When sliced, the wilted area looks darker and soggy. Keeping the cutting submerged in water is the simplest way to identify this illness. The plant is certainly diseased if it produces a white slime. Crop rotation, resistant varieties, and clean planting materials are all part of its management.

Buckeye rot

The Buckeye rot in tomatoes is made easier by high humidity and warm temperatures. Lesions on the fruit with an oily appearance that are brown are the disease’s apparent signs. Concentric rings form on the lesions as the fruit grows. Mulching, crop rotations, and the use of fungicides are some of their management techniques.

Late Blight

This disease is brought on by the pathogen that lives on seeds (Phytophthora infestans). The late tomato blight is favored in this instance by wet conditions, chilly nighttime temperatures, and warm daytime temperatures.


In summary, black tomatoes are a distinctive and tasty tomato variety that is well worth trying. Black tomatoes are a great alternative whether you’re a foodie trying to try out new flavors or a health-conscious consumer looking for a wholesome and sustainable food option.

They’re not so different from the rest of the tomatoes when it comes to planting and care.

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