Emily Jones

How To Prune Tomato Plants? The RIGHT Way!

How to Prune Tomato Plants

Pruning tomato plants involve removing stems and leaves from a tomato plant in order to focus the plant’s energy on growing fruit. Pruning also helps to prevent diseases by removing infected or damaged leaves and stems. When pruning, it is essential to remove only the leaves and extra stems that are necessary. Removing too many leaves and stems can weaken the plant and reduce fruit production. But before we focus … Read more

How Far Apart To Plant Tomatoes For Best Yields?

How far apart to plant tomatoes

To grow the healthiest and flavour-rich tomatoes, you must take into consideration the tomato plant spacing at the very beginning. It is very tempting to plant your tomato plants very close to each other but this may lead to serious problems.  Even though there’s no consensus on how far apart to plant tomatoes (due to the huge number of tomato varieties), the general rule is about 12-24 inches (or about … Read more

When To Pick Tomatoes? 6 Signs Will Let You Know!

When to pick tomatoes

A not so commonly known fact about tomato ripening is that they ripen from the inside out. What this means is that if your tomato is ripe on the outside, it’s pretty much guaranteed to ripen on the inside as well.  But how to when to pick tomatoes? You’d be forgiven to think that once the tomato is red, it’s ready to be harvested. And while this might be true … Read more

How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots? It’s EASIER Than You Think!

how to grow tomatoes in pots

We all love homegrown tomatoes. Store-bought tomatoes don’t even come close to what a homegrown one tastes like. However, not everyone lives in a house with a big yard or a garden to grow them in. So, growing tomatoes in pots, buckets, or containers to the rescue. That’s right, you can quickly learn how to grow tomatoes in pots just by following a few simple rules and instructions listed below. … Read more

Tomato Leaves Curling – Top 3 Reasons And BEST Way To Fix It

Tomato Leaves Curling

If you’re growing tomatoes regardless if it’s in pots, a garden, or raised beds, one of the most common problems you’d encounter is tomato leaves curling. It’s one of the tomato diseases that you might experience. In some cases, the leaf curl is nothing to be concerned about, however, there are a few cases that not only can kill your tomato plant but can also spread through your garden. Keep … Read more